Christmas Day

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Christmas Day Celebrations 2019

All peoples celebrate Christmas on 25th of December.

Festival of Christmas event bring peace happiness and greetings peoples celebrate 12 days Christmas event on the day of Christmas all peoples wish a happy merry Christmas to other peoples and distributing gifts.

Christmas Decorations

12 Days Christmas celebration

All family members elder and younger all are busy in home decoration on Christmas festival they decorate their home like walls,beds,tables,chairs,kitchen and all family members decoratetheir rooms separately to look pretty.

Peoples are also decorate their street town because on Christmas they want to lookbeautiful whole town like our home.

Peoples Distribute and Exchange their Gifts

Christmas greetings

Before Christmas arrive peoples are buying gifts to distributes among people to show love and some peoples are buying more expensive gifts such as mobile phone laptop etc to show solidarity and enjoy Christmas festival and celebrate Christmas happiness.

Even the child also part of buying and distribute gifts according to their pocket money some child buy gifts like artificial ring,bands,music related things all child be a part of buying and distributing gifts on Christmas festival.

Enjoying Healthy and Foodie Dishes

Christmas celebration

When Christmas arrive all homes made many different dishes to celebrate Christmas happiness.

On Christmas,peoples forget their diet plan and enjoy the delicious food.

Even the old peoples are also forget their diet and sickness and they also cheer the delicious food and drinks.

Christmas eve

Peoples decorate their tables on which they sit and eat food all family member gathers this is only because of Christmas festival.

Elder and younger all family members celebrate their happiness on table this table is full of joy cheer,love and greetings.

Why peoples waiting Christmas festival?

To celebrate happiness greetings love and many more so thats why peoples are waiting for Christmas festival.








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