Saint Nicholas Legend

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The Legend Saint Nicholas As ‘Santa Claus’

Saint Nicholas is father of Christmas and his nick name as ‘Santa Claus’ given by his family members.

The Saint Nicholas was born in patara around on 280 A.D in turkey. When Saint Nicholas was born Santa Claus was look like a normal child.

Saint Nicholas Birth Moments

Merry Christmas Santa Claus

With the passage of time the Saint Nicholas bigger and he turn into a talented child.

By birth Santa Claus was a hard worker, kindness and motivational child.

Santa Claus usually known as a jolly but No one knows behind the sad story of Santa Claus.

Travel Country outside

Merry Christmas Santa Claus

Santa Claus one of his kindness he never and Ever gain his inherited wealth.

Even Santa Claus helping out the poor people’s one of his known Kindness story he save three sisters from slavery their father sold out for some money.

When Santa Knows that one father sold out his daughters for some money the Santa become very sad and he Going to these girls father and asked the story father tell that i have no money for eat some thing for last month i am very poor so that’s way i sold out My all three daughter for money.

Helping out poor peoples

Father Christmas

Santa Claus become very disappoint to listen the story So Santa gave money to this father who sold out his daughters and release all three daughters from slavery poor,father thanks to Santa Claus for his Kindness and their daughters also thanks to Santa Claus to his kindness and release from slavery.

Due to his kindness the Santa clause become popular among the country every person in the Country known and called him saver of child sailor and poor peoples.

This is not only one incident a lot of incident that Santa Claus helping out poor peoples by giving money.








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